how this all began

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If you told me I was going to get into the field of "energy healing," I would have laughed in your face because being THAT wasn't a "science focused" thing.




My father was an engineer and mathematician, so numbers and rules were very important in my family.  

 You didn't just do or believe in something unless there was proof.  

It's not wrong, but it isn't the only way to view the world.  

In my rebellious years

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I went to art school and became a figure painter. I traveled. I picked up hitch-hikers.  

I moved to Alaska. I mushed dogs. I skied. I hiked (alone) in the wilderness. I got lost.  

Anything to avoid the rules and regulations of my earlier life, and it was exhilarating.

But it wasn't enough


One day I looked at my credit card debt and my life, and I made myself wrong. I had decided that all those rules and regulations I grew up with must have been for a reason, and my life must be headed down the wrong path.  

I enrolled in college (again). I signed up for a biochemistry major because no one asks you how you are going to support yourself with a biochem major. I looked smart. I fit in.  

But I didn't 

alone in the quiet

I didn't really fit in. I wasn't the kind of person who pulled an "all-nighter," passed exams the next day, and continued that over and over without a creative break.  

Creative breaks are moments where you stand quiet in the presence of life.  

I couldn't figure out how to balance both worlds and it was taking its toll.

So I quit School (again)

And became a dog trainer. For me, dog training was the perfect balance of nature, art and science.  

Of course the road from quitting school to owning a dog training company wasn't a simple transition.  

There are a lot of pot holes along the road to create a successful business.  

After several alignments I learned how to navigate them a little better.

In walks the humans

So how do you leap from dogs to humans? Well, you don't.  It's not a leap, it's a shift. Remember those potholes? After a particularly harsh one a good friend suggested I see Beverly Anderson.  Beverly is known as the Psychic's Psychic.  

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Beverly gave me a bird's eye view of my road map.  It turns out I was on the frontage road, not the highway.  

She told me I could stay on the frontage road or I could get in the flow of the freeway. So, I chose the freeway.  

Over the years I completed Beverly's Mastery Courses. I unlocked my Psychic gifts and became a QiGong Practitioner. I am truly honored that the Universe has allowed me to set up shop next door to my Mentor.

I hold the vibration for Spirit to flow. My job as healer is to live life with integrity, respect, and trust so Qi can pass through me to you. My job is to help you find joy. 

Phone sessions are available.  Please fill out the contact form to request an appointment or ask questions.  Thanks!