Sessions with kirsten

what to expect

My office is located in the Riverside Professional Building, next to the Durango Public Library in room 202B (upstairs second floor). I always encourage casual dress, as most people arrive in yoga clothes, jeans or a flannel. I strive to maintain a professional, quiet and private atmosphere for your comfort. Here are a few quick guidelines to ensure you have a successful session:  

  • Please, refrain from drinking any caffeine at least four hours before your session. 
  • Make sure you eat a healthy meal. It's important that you don't overeat or come hungry. 
  • Sessions normally last one hour, but sometimes longer.  
  • Sessions are billed at $150.00 per hour.  
  • Please turn off your cell phone (airplane mode is fine) during your session.
  • Be prepared to remove your footwear before entering the office.  

Phone sessions are also available, and follow the same guidelines as an office session. Please be sure you are not distracted during our session, and have found a quiet area to talk. Please fill out the contact form below to begin your new journey!

so, what exactly is my "job"?

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In short, I serve as an Intuitive Guide, Animal Communicator, and QiGong practitioner to the Durango area. I guide you to turn on and trust your own intuition, that perhaps has been lost somewhere on your journey. You have always had this ability, but as you grew older, outside influences made it difficult to trust your intuition, and other's suggestions and your ego skewed your view. Before you knew it, you were living your life from someone else's perspective.  

more about red hat qigong

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Red Hat Qigong is energy work. It's an ancient practice with its roots in universal energy and is only passed down in oral tradition from master to student.  

QiGong restores balance by removing energy blocks and allowing healthy Qi to flow. If one part of our flow is dammed up due to hurt, anger, or fear, over time we can get out of sync.  

you are a vibration

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If you drop a pebble into a pond, it will create rings that move further and further out away from the pebble. Each time a ripple hits the shore, it changes it.  Likewise, each thought you drop into the Universe changes it.

Therefore, its crucial to understand what you are dropping into the Universe. Is it unhappiness or anger? Is it the feelings for the future or past? What you place into the Universe is the space you create for yourself.

Essentially, my calling is to teach you how to expand your vibration, which in turn becomes how you affect the Universe and how the Universe responds. This is what it means to be "psychic."  

I don't predict the future. What you choose in this moment is what will bring about the next. Every moment in your life would have to stay exactly the same in order for someone to predict the future.


animals are a vibration too

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 As an animal communicator I do exactly for animals what I do for humans.  I help them expand their vibration through communication and QiGong which helps them move through hurt and fears and into peace and joy. 

In this work, communication is a two way street, both verbal and nonverbal.  I get a multitude of images, colors, words, and sounds non-verbally and relay these verbally to humans and non-verbally to animals.  This is multi-dimensional work relayed in a dimensional space! 

If there is to be any peace it will come through being, and not having.
— Henry Miller

Phone sessions are available.  Please fill out the contact form to request an appointment or ask questions.